Joe Pagac is an artist, a craftsman, a performer and a world traveller. Starting with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications and Illustration Joe set out after graduation to explore as many different facets of the artistic world as possible. With time spent working in fields ranging from construction and sculpture to marketing and event planning Joe is now able to draw on a vast amount of knowledge to help you make any of your artistic dreams a reality. 

Joe's Story

Starting out after college Joe put an 'Artist for Hire' ad in the local paper and began taking any creative job's that came his way. Within 3 months he was able to quit all his other jobs and pursue his art career full time. Allowing himself to be happy 'painting what was in other peoples hearts instead of insisting on only painting what was in his own' he  quickly built up a client base painting Tromp L'oeil and impressionistic murals in restaurants and private homes. In 2007 Joe took a year off to travel the world, living, working and volunteering in 8 different countries during that time and greatly expanding his bank of creative inspirations. Returning to America just as the economy crashed, Joe branched out into more commercial and public art, building a much more visible career that included work for multiple grocery and retail chains, as well as concert venues and hotels. He also began doing performance painting, creating 30+ foot murals in a matter of hours during events and live painting on stage during performances. Never content to stop growing, Joe now also creates massive 2D and 3D set peices for shows, parties and eye catching advertising campaigns, and occasionally throws a theme party just to keep things fun.